• What does SEL department support look like? 

    All schools/teachers receive:

    • Weekly SEL explicit skills lessons
    • Rhithm digital check-in application
    • Reboot daily mindfulness application
    • District-wide SEL optional training sessions
    • Monthly PLCs for SEL Champions
    • Monthly SEL Newsletter

    55 Campuses with Intensive SEL Support receive the above along with New Teacher Coaching support.

  • New for 2022-23: SEL Explicit Skills Curriculum Resources - Schoology

    Our SEL Department has developed supplemental resources to support teachers in leading regular SEL explicit skills learning this school year (available now in Schoology).

    Google slide decks, resources, and guidance are built around the following SEL curriculums:

    • Harmony SEL (Elementary School)
    • Random Acts of Kindness (Middle School)
    • Community Matters: A Facing History Approach to Advisory (High School)
    • 7 Mindsets (Secondary)

    Visit the following instructions for additional information!

  • SEL Explicit Skills Curriculum Recommendations & Related Resources

    There are many SEL explicit skills instruction programs available for consideration and the CASEL Program Guide provides an overview of multiple CASEL-approved curriculum options that meet their criteria for providing quality SEL skill development in students. 

    Our SEL Department suggests the following curriculums listed below by grade level although within Dallas ISD, there are campuses choosing to implement additional SEL curriculums such as Second Step and Leader in Me, among others.  

    Elementary School

    • Harmony SEL (PreK - 6th Grades): Available at no cost, Harmony is a CASEL-approved, SEL program designed to foster communication and understanding, connection, and community both in and outside the classroom and develop boys and girls into compassionate and caring adults.  

      • Register for a free account at Harmony SEL (Pre-K-6th grades) 
    • QuaverSEL (PreK - 5th grades): Presents an innovative approach to social and emotional learning that focuses on the unique needs of PreK-5 students and the teachers and counselors who support them!

    Middle School

    • Random Acts of Kindness (6th - 8th Grades): The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has created free, open-source resources for educators to use to teach SEL skills. These resources are CASEL-approved and suggested as a Tier I intervention designed to help schools create a culture of kindness. Within each unit, students are taught six core kindness concepts: respect, caring, inclusiveness, integrity, responsibility, and courage. 
    • Positive Action (6th - 8th Grades): Positive Action is a modular SEL program that embeds academic content in lessons designed to develop an intrinsic interest in learning and promote prosocial behavior.  Note that there is a cost associated with purchasing Positive Action curriculum and more program resources can be found on their website.

    High School

    • Community Matters: A Facing History and Ourselves Approach to Advisory (8th - 10th Grades): The Community Matters curriculum is designed around social and emotional foundational practices and supports student academic and social growth through lessons that will allow honest discussions, perspective-taking, and questioning.
      • Key tenets of this curriculum allow students to build understanding and empathy, break down stereotypes, discover their voices, develop the skills necessary for academic and community success, and build civic agency and find new ways to participate in the school and the local community.
      • We recommend teaching these lessons during an advisory period with facilitators who are trained in advisory facilitation. Facing History developed the following free guide and related activities/resources to equip educators with the necessary facilitation skills: Community Matters: A Facing History Approach to Advisory.
      • Our department has developed a Community Matters Pacing Guide for sequencing content over the course of the school year.


    K-12 Support: EVERFI

    • EVERFI helps teachers, schools, and districts bring real-world skills to students, including social and emotional learning lessons. Thanks to partners, EVERFI's digital platform, training, and support is provided at no cost.
    • EVERFI is a set of digital SEL lessons that can be assigned to students through Clever. Each lesson will take students around 10-20 minutes, beginning and ending with a quiz (teachers can see quiz scores through Clever).

      #1. Slide 1 of this Google Slides has instructions for assigning an EVERFI lesson to your class. Select your grade level tab at the bottom of this Scope & Sequence doc for suggestions on which lessons to add. There is also a screen-share how-to video on that slide if you prefer to follow along.
      #2. Use slide 2 of the same Google Slides to show students how to get started on the lesson. Feel free to email Stephanie Onyeador with any questions at sonyeador@everfi.com.


    K-12 SEL Mentoring: EduGuide

    EduGuide is a simple, no-prep online program where every Dallas student can be mentored by a caring adult and in turn learn to mentor their peers.

    • Each week, staff and students click on a link to learn one new SEL skill in class or at home.
    • They then choose a mentoring challenge to help one other person with that skill.
    • The no-prep online activities only take 15 minutes/week and can fit in any class using any device.
    • Together staff and students grow belonging, engagement and self-motivation as part of an MTSS community with equitable supports for ELL, SPED and other students.
    • EduGuide is a CASEL-approved evidence-based program. Research indicates that EduGuide can reduce anxiety, improve trauma recovery and boost STAAR test scores by as much as 10%. 

    Learn more and watch an intro video at www.EduGuide.org or contact Tim@EduGuide.org to ask about grants that cover the majority of costs for Dallas schools.


    K-12 Support: Move This World

    Move This World is the leading provider of social-emotional learning (SEL) curricula for PreK-12 students, educators, and families. Aligned to TEKS and the Five Core Competencies of CASEL, our evidence-based curricula help and empower students to navigate our rapidly changing world and assist them in nurturing and sustaining healthy social and emotional well-being now and throughout their lives.

    • Our pre-built lessons are designed for implementation that is both impactful and simple. Move This World allows educators and families to incorporate SEL into students’ daily classroom routines without extensive planning or prep.
    • Pricing for Dallas ISD
      • Elementary Schools (Grades Pre-K - 5): $3,500 per school
      • Secondary Schools (Grades 6-12): $4,750 per school
    • Demo Access
      • Visit Move This World Login Page
      • Username: mtwfamily
      • Password: movethisworld


    K-12 Support: Newsela SEL Collection

    The Newsela SEL Collection empowers teachers to integrate social and emotional learning into their core literacy instruction with content that is relevant to what students are experiencing - wherever they’re learning.  Every individual Newsela article includes embedded SEL instructional supports to give teachers ideas to use the content to spark discussion and connection.

    • Aligned to the CASEL framework 
    • Integrated with core literacy instruction 
      • Reading comprehension quizzes and customizable writing prompts are included to help teachers integrate literacy and SEL 
      • Shareable annotations so teachers can scaffold texts and share a digital dialogue with students

    More information on the Newsela SEL Collection can be found here

    • Newsela Account Set Up - Teachers can use this link to see how to set up their accounts and their classes, although Newsela integrates with Clever, so they should be able to use Single Sign On.