Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Guerra

Mrs. Guerra comes to ARSA with 13 years of educational experience. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from The University of Texas at Dallas and her Masters of Curriculum and Instruction with a Technology Pathway from Dallas Baptist University. She is an EC-8th ESL/All Content certified teacher. Mrs. Guerra has worked with multiple grade levels and schools in both Texas and Massachusetts. Teaching Philosophy: I believe that teaching is an experience in which growth is key. As the world grows and changes, education must accommodate and meet the needs of students. I believe in teaching with the whole child in mind. Having a strong relationship with students is important to helping them be successful in the classroom. Teachers have a responsibility to make students feel safe and secure in the classroom. I believe students need skill sets that allow them to work through their emotions. I believe students should be given opportunities to make their own choices and vocalize their wants and needs. I believe teachers have a responsibility to teach students how to be good digital citizens. I believe that it is my personal responsibility to love and care for every student that I teach. I want my students to know they are important, valued, and supported. I believe I can be a strong role model in their life. I have the opportunity as a teacher to grow young minds and hearts.