• Tutoring Will Be Offered Every Thursday* After School from 4:40-5:40 in Room 219.

    Expectations and norms for tutoring hours:

    • Students should do their best to notify the teacher ahead of time that they will be attending tutoring hours.
    • To the best of their ability, students should arrive on time and be prepared to tackle the work. 
    • Students who are working on separate assignments/projects should be respectful of fellow students' time and space.
    • Students should know ahead of time that attending tutoring hours will help their overall grade, but an immediate grade boost should not be the expected outcome. 
    • Student behavior during tutoring should match the professionalism and courtesy displayed during regular school hours.

    *Tutoring hours will be maintained consistently throughout the 22-23 school year and any change in hours will be communicated to students and parents in a timely manner. Tutoring hours will not take place during district holidays and may be subject to change because of unforeseen events.