• Quick Facts

    Principal:  Tangela L. Carter

    Trustee: Joyce Foreman

    Trustee District: District 6

    School Division/Feeder Pattern:

    Kimball High School Feeder Pattern

    Grade Levels: 6 through 8

    School Hours: 8:35am-3:55pm

    Mission: To be a premier middle school in Dallas ISD

    School Vision Statement: Our vision at Zan Wesley Holmes, Jr. Middle School is to boldly and courageously teach our Legendary Lions to learn to read & write, grow and perform at high levels in all areas, utilize accelerated learning to progress, and to inspire them to be critical thinkers in life with support from the staff, parents and the community.

    Core Values:

    Integrity, Open-Mindedness, Personal Growth, Cooperative Learning

    Uniform Colors:

    • Shirt Color

    6th Grade-Green

    7th Grade-Black

    8th Grade-White

    • Bottoms:

    All grades-Khaki/Black

    School Colors: Green and White

    Mascot: Lions