• Total Communication (TC) 


    The TC program is designed for students ages 5 -22, who need intensive support and predictability, consistent routines and structure throughout the school day to engage in learning activities in the following areas: communication, social skills, academic tasks, and behavior management. These students function significantly below grade level academically, socially, and emotionally. The classroom facilitates the development of language, communication, and social skills, along with self-help, sensory integration,  academic skills and the generalization of skills in all settings.  The curriculum addresses academics, basic living skills, vocational skills and work behaviors through a very highly structured environment with intense visual support and strategies. Positive behaviors associated with the successful integration into the school and community is emphasized through a highly structured set of coordinated activities using the latest communication technologies.

    The Total Communication Program


    • Student exhibits significant intellectual, adaptive behavior deficits, and neurodiverse/communication disorder in their ability to plan, comprehend, and reason, and indicate deficits that limit their ability to apply social and practical skills such as personal care, social problem-solving skills, dressing, eating, using money, and other functional skills across life domains;

    • Students' needs includes:

      • Visual Communication Exchange

      • Predictable Learning Environment

      • Intense Individualized Schedules

      • Highly Structured Physical Environment