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  • Mechatronics and Advanced Manufacturing

    [Manufacturing Cluster]

    The Mechatronics/ Advanced Manufacturing program of study is designed to prepare students for the growing field of mechatronics, manufacturing and industrial robotics. Mechatronics is a blending of electrical and mechanical engineering and design. It is a study of the design of “intelligent” systems to achieve improved product quality and performance. On this inquiry-grounded project-based learning course, students act as engineers, designing, analyzing, and building systems that automate industrial processes.

    The practicum in Mechatronics includes a non-paid, campus-based internship, or a paid off-campus internship with an industry partner where the student can begin earning real-world experience. Students will be provided opportunities to obtain four or more certifications, one per course.

    The Mechatronics/ Advanced Manufacturing program of study is currently available and open for enrollment at Career Institute North and the Career Institute South.

  • Career Institute North

    Career Institute South

    Students attending: Conrad HS, Hillcrest HS, North Dallas HS, Thomas Jefferson HS, W. T. White HS, must sign up for CI North.

    Students attending: Adamson HS, Carter HS, Kimball HS, Molina HS, Pinkston HS, Roosevelt HS, South Oakcliff HS, Sunset HS, must sign up for CI South.