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  • Electrical and Solar Technology

    [Architecture and Construction Cluster]

    The Electrical and Solar Technology program of study introduces students to the basic principles of electricity and proceeds to the concepts of solid-state components such as diodes, transistors, integrated circuits and microprocessor systems, according to the National Electrical Code. Courses simulate actual working conditions in fully equipped laboratories where students put electrical/electronics theory into practice. Along with laboratory experience setting up circuits, troubleshooting and calibrating systems, computer-simulated circuit analysis is used in many of the courses.


    During their senior year, students may participate in a non-paid, campus-based internship, or a paid off-campus electrician’s internship that can lead to an electrician’s apprenticeship after high school. The apprenticeship requires students to have a high school diploma or GED and be 18 years of age. After obtaining additional hours in their apprenticeship, students are encouraged to attain the Electrician Journeyman License and, eventually, the Master Electrician License.


    The Electrical and Solar technology program of study is currently available and open for enrollment at Career Institute East, Career Institute North and the Career Institute South.

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    Career Institute East

    Offered at

    Career Institute North

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    Career Institute South

    Students attending: Bryan Adams HS, Lincoln HS, Madison HS, Samuel HS, Spruce HS and  Woodrow HS, must sign up for CI East.

    Students attending: Conrad HS, Hillcrest HS, North Dallas HS, Thomas Jefferson HS, W. T. White HS, must sign up for CI North.

    Students attending: Adamson HS, Carter HS, Kimball HS, Molina HS, Pinkston HS, Roosevelt HS, South Oakcliff HS, Sunset HS, must sign up for CI South.