Meals are available to all students FREE of charge!


    • Food and Child Nutrition Services participates in a variety of programs that offer nutritious school meals to all students at no cost,  regardless of family income.
    • DISD Food and Child Nutrition Services are committed to serving nutritious and delicious meals. Sustainable food items, no-antibiotics-ever chicken, whole muscle meats and recyclable paper plates are available to all students. Food items are made from lean meats, using lower sodium ingredients, and whole-grain-rich bread products. 

    • Please be aware that there are factors that may affect a product’s actual nutritional value and/or ingredient composition at any given time for a multitude of reasons. Therefore, the accuracy of the nutrition information is not guaranteed and is subject to change due to supply shortages, etc… Please be assured that Dallas ISD strives for the highest nutritional value and accuracy of information.

      Please click here for more information from the DISD Food and Child Nutrition Services department.