• Administrators

    TEI ensures excellence at every turn. An effective school leadership team transforms the academic setting by raising the quality of instruction and inspiring teachers to be their best.

    superintendent and administrators 

  • The school’s administrative team is responsible for feedback, coaching, growth and sensemaking for their staff.    

    Instructional feedback is the ultimate goal. Primary evaluators will conduct a minimum of 4 spot observations on each assigned teacher per year. These 10- to 15-minute observations result in a written spot observation form, through which the principal or assistant principal provides effective instructional feedback to a teacher. Information from the spot observations, in addition to an extended 45 minute observation, contributes to the summative performance evaluation.

  • teachers


    Through the Distinguished Teacher Review Process, TEI recognizes teachers who demonstrate leadership, encourage lifelong learning, and promote academic excellence.

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  • teacher and student


    Learn more about the campus based observations of your teachers, including spot observations, extended evaluations and summative performance observation in the TEI Guidebook.

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  • teacher and students


    Learn more about Cornerstone, the platform used for entering observations, reviewing and scoring SLOs, and reviewing teacher’s PDPs.

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