• Bio Fridays

    Each Friday, students engage in Biomedical and STEM activities. Students participate in Project Lead the Way, our biomedical curriculum, coding, and Little Sponges. We will also have outside speakers or organizations work with our students during the Bio Friday activities as well. Our partners include UT Southwestern medical students, including Kids to the Rescue. Future programming will include UT Southwestern doctors from different departments, such as Cardiology and Chemistry, coming to speak to students about how they use science in their careers.


    Students learn to code through coding class each week. Students use Beebots and Code & Go Mouses to learn how to program the robots.


    Classes engage in STEM classes as a special rotation each week. Our STEM teacher, Ms. Martinez, teaches students about the design thinking process and ways to use technology, including coding and science topics.

    Little Sponges

    Little Sponges teaches students languages, including English, Spanish, and French. Students participate in digital activities that include authentic videos, songs, games, and vocabulary cards.

    Amazon Future Engineers

    Amazon Future Engineers provides computer science education for children. Students will learn how to use Scratch Jr. to create code programs. Our classes will practice coding using Scratch Jr. every week.


    Students will complete science experiments and hands-on science activities.


    Students will develop their self-regulation strategies and relationships through small group games and activities.