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    TEI fosters continuous improvement for educators through specially tailored professional development at every experience level.

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  • The Professional Development Department will work with Executive Directors from School Leadership, Teaching and Learning, Early Childhood, and other divisions to coordinate professional development offerings. Teachers and other professionals will be able to choose their PD schedule based on core content areas, grade levels, or specific instructional topics.

    Dallas ISD encourages teachers’ professional learning by working to establish an environment with the following elements:

    • Accountable school leaders trained to identify and evaluate high-quality instruction
    • A culture of effective and consistent feedback through classroom observation
    • Processes for analytical use of student achievement data to improve instruction
    • Personalized professional development to help both administrators and teachers improve instruction
    • An aligned and standards-based curriculum

    Such a system supports the full spectrum of educators from novice teachers to more seasoned professionals growing through leadership experience and professional learning opportunities.

    Research shows that teachers reflect on and improve their practice in four primary contexts provided by Dallas ISD—self-reflection, one-on-one coaching, team learning, and large-group professional development sessions.

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