• A Year in a Life - Lillian Sooter

    We followed two Dallas ISD teachers throughout the academic school year and highlighted their challenges, celebrated their successes, and walked with them as they supported their students.  Take a look at the video below to see how one of our Master teachers and a First Year teacher navigated their school year. They both took time to share their reflections over the school year, lessons they learned along the way and how they plan to use their experiences to continue to grow as educators.

  • Lillian Sooter, Kindergarten Teacher at Hexter Elementary

  • I can’t believe that it is already May! This year has gone by faster than I could have imagined. My first year of teaching has been a roller-coaster ride in all the best ways. The interesting thing about being a novice teacher is that I think I have grown just as much if not more than my students. I have changed both personally and professionally and fallen even more in love with the career that I have chosen. This time of the year is so exciting because I am beginning the end of the year assessments and getting to see all of the growth that my students have made this year. There is truly nothing more rewarding than seeing students go from not knowing their alphabet to reading fluently or not knowing how to count and doing addition and subtraction problems. This year has not been perfect or without challenges, but it has been infinitely rewarding and full of the best tiny humans out there!

    As I look towards the summer and into next school year, I am excited that I now have a year of knowledge under my belt and can clearly see all of the ways that I can improve as an educator. I am hoping that through professional developments in the summer and my own research, I can be even better at meeting the needs of every student. I have lots of exciting plans in store and know that I am on the pathway to a very fulfilling career. As the last three weeks of school wrap up, I am full of joy and beyond thankful for the multitude of lessons learned.

    Watch a portion of a reading lesson with Ms. Sooter below!