Parents of students who have medical conditions should report these to the nurse via a Health History form which can be found HERE. (Spanish Health History Form). If students need to take medication on campus, parents need to complete an H72 Form, which is required by the district. This form can be found HERE.

    In the event of a medical emergency on campus, the clinic staff are trained to respond accordingly. Medical emergencies include, but are not limited to: seizure, diabetic complications, severe injury, asthma attack, and suspected substance intoxication. Information taken from Dallas Independent School District Safety Protocols can be found at www.dallasisd.org. If your student has a history of a medical condition in which they may require emergent medical care, complete the health history form on the clinic website and contact the school nurse to discuss an Emergency Care Plan for school.

    The clinic is a designated safe space for students in crisis, including LGBTQIA+ students and students dealing with mental illness. Students who are experiencing anxiety, depression, panic, symptoms of ADHD, etc. are always welcome to decompress and process in the clinic until they are well enough to be taken to the counselors for further evaluation. Nurse Sam is available to help students process through physical symptoms and will refer students to a school counselor if they need further assistance.

    The clinic staff are required to complete state mandated health screenings for students that are new to Dallas ISD and those requiring updated 504 or Special Education accommodations. It is required that elementary students in grade Pre-K, Kinder, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th receive vision screening and hearing screening. 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th also receive required acanthosis screening. Female students in grade 5th and 7th are required to receive a spinal screening if they have not turned in documentation of receiving one in another clinic setting. If a student fails the vision or hearing screening, they will be retested within 2-4 weeks. Students who fail the rescreening will be referred to a specialist. Students requiring adaptive equipment, such as vision aids or hearing aids, will need to be screened by the nurse and referred to a specialist to receive equipment and accommodations through the district. 

  • Information taken from Dallas Independent School District Safety Protocols that can be found at www.dallasisd.org.