• Local Graduation Committee


    What is LGC?

    The Local Graduation Committee (LGC) was developed as a means for an alternative graduation pathway for former students who entered 9th grade before the 2011 school year and did not meet assessment requirements for graduation. The goal of the LGC is to help former students earn their high school diplomas.


    Who is eligible for the LGC?

    Former Dallas ISD students who were not eligible to graduate because they did not meet assessment requirements for graduation can apply for LGC. Applicants must have entered the 9th grade prior to the 2011-2012 school year. The last high school attended should be a Dallas ISD school. If the applicant transferred and last attended a school that is not in Dallas ISD, they should contact that school district to inquire about the LGC process.


    What is the process?

    Complete the LGC form below. Once submitted, you will be contacted within 7-10 business days for additional information. Please note that omissions in the form might delay our processing time.

    * Please note that submitting the LGC form does not guarantee the applicant will receive a high school diploma. 

    *Information provided in the form helps our team request needed information from the State of Texas regarding assessments taken as a student.

    Will LGC candidates be able to participate in a Dallas ISD graduation ceremony?

    Only applicants who meet the criteria for graduation will have the option to participate in an upcoming ceremony. Completing the LGC form does not guarantee the applicant will receive a high school diploma. Those applicants who are eligible to participate in a graduation ceremony must complete a background check. Information on the graduation process will be shared with those who are eligible.


    Deadlines for LGC form Submission

    Graduation Ceremony

    Applicant Process Must Be Completed By

    Summer (August)

    May 15

    Winter (December)

    October 15


    Need more information?

    • If you believe you are eligible for LGC, complete the LGC form below.
    • Email us at LGC@dallasisd.org