• Partial Day/Full Day Absences - Lower Campus late arrivals at 8:20am & Upper Campus late arrivals at 8:35am or later and early release require a healthcare note/court order/government citizenship document to be submitted to excuse loss of instruction time. Full day absences, for a justifiable reason, may be excused with a parent's note, healthcare note, government document for a citizenship appointment or court order for up to 3 consecutive days; additional days require a healthcare note or court order to excuse loss of instruction time.

    For an absence, email Ms. Gamez for Lower Campus @ angamez@dallasisd.org and or Ms. Gomez for Upper Campus @ ngomez@dallasisd.org with an Official Document or Parent's Note with the following information (Student Absence note also hyperlinked below):

    Excuse Note

    • Student's name
    • Reason for absence
    • Date(s) of absence
    • Parent contact number and or email

    Submit documentation within 3 days of absence  

    Justified Absences

    • Illness - parent note will cover up to 3 consecutive days
    • Medical Appointment - healthcare note required
    • Death in Family - service documentation
    • Observance of Religious Holiday - indicate holy day
    • Citizenship appointment
    • Court required appearance 

    3 or more unexcused or T99/Partial Day absences will trigger the Dallas ISD Truancy Department DISD Truancy Department Parent Services

    Truancy Quick Reference Guide

    Attendance for Credit: According to Texas State law, each student must be in attendance 90% of the days the class is offered. The implementation of the Attendance for Credit Initiative is to ensure that all students are in attendance 90% of the time a class is offered to certify successful accrual of final grade.

    ATTENDANCE for CREDIT TX State Law Students must be in Attendance 90% of the instructional days

    Texas Compulsory Attendance Law-Official Notice and General Attendance Agreement Pledge

    Per state mandate, our district must provide parents with the Texas Compulsory Attendance Law-Official Notice.

    Official Notice

    Agreement Pledge Spanish

    Agreement Pledge English

    Student Transfers