• Leadership Club

    Comprised of our top 4th and 5th graders, these students not only have good grades, but a great attitude!  These students collected coats during the coldest months for families in need.  They act as ambassadors when we have outside visitors on campus for Adamson Vertical Team Meetings, Career Day, and more.  The current Literacy Project targets early childhood emergent readers.  It is a rewarding experience for both our 3-year-olds and Leadership Readers when they join each other weekly to learn and read!


  • AASM (African-American Student Mentorship)

    This mentorship program engages students with an advocate to monitor progress in school and life success.  Several areas such as self-awareness, self-esteem, social-emotional learning, character development, and problem-solving are points of focus to ensure positive growth.  Students and mentors meet at least twice per month.



  • Garden Club

    Coming Soon! Assist with the beautification of our campus garden and the wellness of our environment. 

    Details to join are forthcoming.



  • Recycling Club    RECYCLE  

    What’s one person’s trash is another’s treasure! These students meet once a week and create masterpieces out of anything and everything recyclable. What a fun way to help improve the environment!