Virtual Private Music Lesson Program

  • This school year, we introduced the Virtual Private Music Lesson Program to support our band, choir, and modern band students at select campuses across the district.  Students at these campuses have the opportunity to participate in private lessons or masterclasses.


    Program Purpose:

    • Continue to improve the quality of music education in Dallas ISD.
    • Provide individualized instruction for music students at different levels.
    • Increase the achievement level of all participants.
    • Aid the student in attaining the musical goals set forth in the Texas Education Agency’s Essential Knowledge and Skills.
    • Aid the student in reaching the musical goals of Dallas ISD school curriculum guides.



    The goal of these lessons should be to improve the student’s musicianship. 

    • Tone production/building exercises.
    • Range and technical exercises.
    • Scales.
    • Etudes.
    • Appropriate repertoire.
    • Solo and ensemble preparation.
    • Performance and audition literature.
    • Structuring practice routines.
  • Lesson Structure

  • 22-23 SY Participating Campues

  • Contact Information