• Click the Icon below to go to the Benefits Portal 

      For any issues with the Benefits Enrollment Portal or to enroll over the phone, please call 972-925-4000; Option 2.

      Below is a short tutorial on how to begin the enrollment process.

    • New vs Returning Employee Enrollment

      New Employees: New employees will need to go through 2 enrollments. This means you will first go through a new hire enrollment, and then complete the Annual Enrollment selections. 

      New Employee Selections: Active from the effective date to 08/31

      Annual Enrollment Selections: Active starting 09/01 to 08/31


      Returning Employees: Returning employees will have the normal Annual Enrollment options. Annual Enrollment is passive this year. This means you will not have to re-enroll if you are happy with your benefits. 

      HSA and FSA accounts are NOT passive. These must be selected each year!

    • Qualifying Life Event

      A Qualifying Life Event is a big life-changing situation such as marriage/divorce, having or adopting a baby/child, death of someone who shares your health plan, and loss/gain of coverage.

      You will have 31 days from the event to make changes to your benefits. These changes can be made by going into the Benefits Portal or by calling 972-925-4000; Option 2. 



      *If you miss this 31-day window, you will have to file for an appeal. This is not a guarantee that your changes will be approved, due to being outside of the time frame.

  • When Will My Benefits Begin?

    Your benefits with Dallas ISD are effective the 1st of the month following your start date or your life event/qualifying event date.

    Please keep in mind that premiums deducted from an employee's paycheck are to pay for the current billing cycle, which are retro to the first of the month.

    Example: Valerie's start date is April 15th. Valerie has 31 days to enroll in her benefits, and her waiting period will expire on May 15th. Valerie is having trouble deciding and finally makes a decision on May 14th. If Valerie is looking to add dependents, she will need to upload the required documents to verify the enrollment. Valerie's effective date will still remain the same even if it takes more than 31 days to provide the documentation. Valerie will still owe premiums for benefits beginning May 1st. Valerie’s insurance coverage will go into effect May 1st, as a result, Valerie will be retroactively billed for the effective date of May 1st.

    Please note it takes 7-10 business days before employees become active in the vendor's system. Cards are mailed out within one week of the vendor system’s update. Employees can check the status of their cards or coverage by contacting the vendor directly.