• You have several choices for dental coverage. The carrier for dental coverage is UnitedHealthcare (UHC). All plan options cover dental wellness screenings when you see a network dentist, including two routine checkups in a 12-month period (one every six months), an oral cancer screening (for adults), and extra cleanings and gum treatments for expectant mothers — as recommended by your dentist.


    Dental DHMO plan

    • Choose a network primary care dentist (PCD) who directs your dental care.

    • Pay the specified copay when you receive care. There is no deductible to meet.  

    • Referrals are required for specialty services.

    • Services outside the network are covered only in emergencies. 

    Exclusive Network Dental Plan

                • See any network general dentist you want.

    • No waiting periods for services. Your coverage begins immediately.

    • No claims forms to complete.

    • 100% preventive coverage. Most preventive care services are covered at no additional charge when seeing a network general dentist.

                    • Oral cancer screenings.

                    • Oral cancer screenings.

    Dental Exclusive Provider Network (EPO) Plan 

    • Preventive care – Pay a copay without having to meet a deductible when you use a network provider.

    • Other services – Pay a copay after you meet a deductible for in-network services.

    • Use an out-of-network provider, but you are responsible for any costs not paid by the plan.

    • No need to choose a primary care dentist or obtain a referral for specialty services.

    • This plan includes the Smile Direct Club (only available for kids ages 12–19; adult orthodontia is not covered under this plan). The Smile Direct Club straightens teeth with clear aligners sent directly to you. For details, visit smiledirectclub.com/uhc.

    Dental PPO Plan

    • You must meet the deductible before the plan begins to pay its share of covered dental expenses.

    • You can use an in-network or out-of-network provider.

    • If you use an out-of-network provider, you are responsible for costs above the usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) guidelines.

    • Most providers will submit claims to the insurer and bill you for the difference. This plan includes the Consumer MaxMultiplier program, which rewards you for keeping up with your dental care by adding dollars to next year’s annual maximum benefit.

    • This plan also includes the Smile Direct Club for all members. The Smile Direct  Club straightens teeth with clear aligners sent directly to you. For details,  visit smiledirectclub.com/uhc.

    Benefit Summaries


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