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On Location with Dallas ISD JROTC

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Wednesday, May 31st, 7:30am to Sunday, June 4th, 4:30pm

3837 Simpson Stuart Road

Dallas, TX

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DISD JROTC "This Year’s Concept"

JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC) is an outstanding program of instruction that provides JROTC Cadets an opportunity to practice leadership skills, team building, and adventure training in a hands-on military environment. Training activities are categorized into Core, Integrated, and Optional events.

Departure Day (1) at Adamson High School

5th Brigade, Dallas ISD had over 23 JROTC High School programs to arrive at Adamson High School for the first day of JCLC leadership Summer Camp.

Approximately 120 cadets and over 80 Cadre arrived excited and ready for 2023 JROTC Summer Camp held at Paul Quinn College located in Dallas, Texas. The Cadets and Cadre were both excited for the first day of camp. The Camp will give Cadets a new perspective on life by introducing them to more outdoor and adventurous activities.

Bravo Company Chant

An Insight into DISD JROTC Summer Leadership Camp

Trinity Forest Adventure Park

The Trinity Forest Park is located in the southern part of Dallas. The park features many adventurous activities for kids and adults. The park is comprised of high ropes, and ziplines courses of different levels.

The Trinity Forest Park is a great adventure. It is located only minutes from downtown Dallas. It is a park on seven acres. The Cadets had an opportunity to complete the high rope course. Climbing the ropes were fun and exciting for the Cadets. They had an opportunity to utilize their upper body strength to maneuver through obstacles. Upper body strength is key in achieving the obstacles. Although the obstacles were challenging, the Cadets were up for the challenge. Many demonstrated a sense of self-confidence in completing the course. Many of the Cadets overcame their fear of heights and met the challenge. Overall, the Cadets had an amazing time.

Only a limited number of Cadets are selected from their school out of the many Cadets in the program due to a limited number of slots. Cadets are fortunate to be able to attend the summer camp and have this experience. These experiences will lead to lifelong memories that will impact their team and leader skills.

JROTC Summer Camp is an excellent opportunity for Cadets to build on their self-confidence and leadership skills. The Cadets are so into the adventure camp activities that they don’t even think about their phone, social media, the internet or web. It is truly a healthy and refreshing experience for Cadets to get back outdoors after Covid.

IMG 5640 Zip Line Summer Camp 3
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Robotics Vex V5 “Over Under”

There are sixty (60) Triballs on a VRC Over Under Field.

There are two netted Goals on opposite sides of the field. A 2” PVC Barrier divides the field into a Red Offensive Zone and a Blue Offensive Zone.

Each Triball scored in a Goal is worth five (5) points, and each Triball which makes it into an Offensive Zone is worth two (2) points.

The VRC Over Under field also includes two sets of Alliance-specific pipes on either side of the Barrier. These are called Elevation Bars, and are used at the end of the Match for Elevating Robots.

At the end of the Match, each Robot’s height off the ground will be measured to determine their Elevation Tier. Elevation Points will then be awarded based on each Robot’s Tier relative to all other Robots. For example, getting to Tier E could be worth as many as twenty (20) points OR as few as five (5). Elevation Tiers begin at the floor, and they end above the Elevation Bar!

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Drill Competition Bravo Company Take's the Win

Drill competition is an activity where the cadets demonstrate their drill and ceremony skills. It also is an opportunity to highlight teamwork. The Cadets at camp have spent the last few days marching to numerous locations and practicing their drill movements as a unit.

IMG 25561 DISD JROTC Summer Camp Bravo Company Drill Team
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Closing Ceremony

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Cadets Corner "Should I tell my friends to Join JROTC"?

A: Absolutely, It's an opportunity to grow as a leader and become a team player.

thoughts... What was Summer Camp Like for you?

It was an excellent opportunity to learn, network, and build relationships while gaining expert professional insights. But we know it can be challenging to afford to attend. That's why they proudly offer us an affordable opportunity to cadets attending our camps.

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DISD JROTC Brigade Commander Cadet COL Nicolas Powell

Camp has been an absolute success. JROTC represents leadership and excellence. I see Cadets acting as leaders and they are getting exposure to prepare them for life after High School. Its been significantly amazing. The cadets had an opportunity to Zip line and additional pool time after water safety. This camp is going to be very hard to top. I'm a senior I’m applying for a academy my ultimate goal is west point. I want to major in military science and law. After graduation, I want to be commissioned as a Infantry officer. I want to pursue a career in the military and pursue a field in international diplomacy.

Dallas ISD JROTC Director of Army Instruction

Director LTC Fred Holland

2505 Holmes Street

Dallas, Texas 75211


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Director's Corner

Summer Camp gives the Cadets an opportunity to implement and execute what they have learned in the class all year from a leadership perspective. My hope is that the Cadets will find it worthwhile and fulfilling. My goal is that they will leave summer camp more confident in their leadership abilities. The idea is that the Cadets experience personal and team building challenges that will allow them an opportunity to expand their leadership knowledge and encourage them to lead and be an active part of a team.

LTC Fred Holland

DISD, JROTC Director

IMG 9528 JROTC Summer Camp Donation

Colonel (R) Barbara Taylor and Master Sergeant (R) Brian Henley Dallas Independent School District Public Affairs Representatives

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