• Our campus is a Personalized Learning campus whose instructional model is Purpose-Driven Learning and Career Exploration.

    Scholars have access to a wide variety of STEAM electives in robotics, programming, computer literacy, engineering, art, dance, and band.

    Our scholars also have access to advanced coursework, earning high school credit in engineering, Algebra 1, and Astronomy.

    Starting in the 2023-2024 school year, all scholars will be on an Algebra 1 trajectory. 50% of our scholars will be on a trajectory for advanced Science coursework, and all scholars will engage in advanced learning in Social Studies.

    Scholars receive their Career Exploration work through an i90 our career PBL course taken at all grade levels as a semester course. In that program, scholars are exposed to and perform a wide range of careers focused around a community-centered problem of practice.

    Our weekly Power Hour will be an opportunity for scholars to engage in personalized learning/data tracking, SEL community engagement through House Games, and more career exploration in Clubs and RTI by select teachers.

    Reading will utilize the state-developed Amplify Curriculum.

    Math will utilize Carnegie