• The Texas Education Agency defines the school year as 174 instructional days.  Daily student attendance begins at  8:35 a.m. Students are expected to attend school every day of the school year. This also includes ensuring the student arrives at school on time, attends each class period and avoids as much as possible early releases/pick-ups from school unless there is an extreme emergency.

    Students are required to attend school from the time the school day begins until the time the school day ends. A partial day absence occurs when a student is not present for part of the school day. 

    A student who arrives late or leaves early will get a partial absence. The school will decide whether the partial absence is excused or unexcused using the same standards for determining the status of full-day absences.

    If a student is absent, a note must be submitted to the registrar within three days. The note should     include the child’s name, identification number, reason for absence, a daytime contact number and a parent signature.  Documentation such as doctor’s notes, obituaries, or other documentation must also be included. 

    If we do not receive the documentation in a timely manner, the absence will be UNEXCUSED (and it will count towards violation of compulsory school attendance).  Excuse notes should be turned in to the main office.  Students should not give or place written excuses on their teacher’s desk.  It is at the discretion of the principal of which handwritten notes are excused. Only ten handwritten notices will be accepted per school year.  If your child has an illness that requires him or her to miss school often, please provide a note from your child’s doctor stating the illness and the possible length of time the child is likely to miss school. 


    It is the PARENT’s duty to monitor their student’s school attendance and require the student to attend school. Parents may call the school at any time to inquire about his/her child’s attendance record. Additionally, a parent may monitor attendance by reviewing the Power School Portal. 


    Students who are absent and excused will be given one day for each excused absence to make up missed work.  Makeup work must be requested no later than the first day of return from the absence. Tests will be made up during class or after school. 


    What types of absences that may be excused: child’s illness or injury, family emergency with administrator approval, death of a family member with an obituary provided, doctor or dental appointments that cannot be scheduled before or after school hours, religious holy days, court appearances