• Graduation, Recovery, Attendance/Advocacy and Dropout Intervention (GRA2D)


    Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower students to engage in life-long learning that promotes self-advocacy and the pursuit of academic and personal development.


    With our support, all students will have access and the opportunity to experience success.

  • Core Beliefs

    Student-Centered Growth
    Students are empowered to effectively communicate and advocate for themselves by encouraging them to take advantage of available resources and services.

    Equitable Services
    We promote and support all cultures and all languages while providing inclusive educational opportunities that are consistent, reliable, and diverse across all groups.

    Effective and Efficient Communication
    We strive to clearly communicate expectations in a fast, focused, friendly and flexible manner among all stakeholders.

    Personal and Professional Impact
    We ensure our work has a life-long positive impact and influence on all stakeholders through our commitment to service.

    Using various forms of communication, we will collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure that practices align with policy and district administrative procedures.




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