Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts, Religious Studies - McMurry University Master of Divinity - Southern Methodist University

Mr. Matt Bell

Matt was an all-state high school athlete in football and basketball and ran track as well.  Before moving to Dallas to attend SMU he played football at McMurry University where he also met his wife of now 10 years.  They were both Resident Assistants in the dorms.  

Before becoming a teacher, I was a youth minister in various United Methodist churches and directed multiple junior high camps while I was in graduate school.   

During graduate school I studied Greek and Hebrew languages, studied abroad in Israel, the Philippines, and South Africa. While other divinity students were determined to be ordained for ministry, I was preparing to be an educator. Many of my family members, as well as my wife, are teachers. I've always seen being an educator as being a professional learner; and that's what I love so much about being a teacher. It's my job to continue my education in order to help students grow in theirs.     

For me, education was the key to unlocking my mind and setting it free to explore new realities and possibilities. I teach in such a way that I hope my students will not only pass their classes but also plant the seeds of a more enduring mindset; one that views life and its challenges as an opportunity for curiosity and joy.   

I currently teach AP Human Geography and spend my free time with my family including my 3-year-old son and 3-month-old daughter. We've lived and worked in Oak Cliff for 10 years now and hate it when we have to drive north of I-30 for anything. The best tacos are at El Si Hay, the best pizza is at South Polk Pizzeria and go Cowboys!"