• Dallas ISD trustees amend policy for e-cigarettes

    During its Aug. 24 board meeting, the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees amended the existing Student Code of Conduct (SCoC) to align with the recently passed Texas House Bill 114 (HB114). Effective Sept. 1, 2023, any student caught with a vape device on campus, within 300-feet of school property, or at a school-sponsored event must be placed in DAEP.

    The new procedures are as follows:

    • A conference or hearing will be conducted by the appropriate administrator at the student’s home campus to be accountable for student attendance and transitioning to the Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP). 
    • A student’s first offense is a Level III Mandatory Placement to DAEP and will be required to attend a five-day substance abuse intervention program. Upon successful participation in the program, the student will have their term modified and will be able to return to their home campus. Parents will be required to participate in a half-day parent orientation in order for the student to have their placement modified. 
    • A student’s second offense is a Level III Mandatory Placement to DAEP. The student will be required to serve the full placement and will receive additional services for substance intervention support. Parents will be required to participate in a substance abuse informational session. 
    • DAEP team members will facilitate the intake or orientation process for the student and parents to have a smooth transition to promote positive student outcomes. 

    For additional questions and information, contact the Office of Student Engagement and Support at (972) 925-5540.

    Source: The Hub