• Family Engagement Leadership Team (FELT)


    What is FELT? A Family Engagement Leadership Team (F.E.L.T.) leads (plans, implements, & monitors) the family engagement events or activities at their respective campuses. The campus F.E.L.T. analyzes data from Home2Home Visits, FCE survey, Dallas ISD Survey & other feedback methods to develop a strategic plan for family engagement. The campus F.E.L.T. promotes a school-wide aligned definition of quality family engagement. 


    • FELT Administrator -  Laura Landry

    • Parent -   Teena Rodriguez

    • Parent -   Maria Torres

    • Parent -    Kathy Barahona

    • Teacher -   Alisha James

    • Teacher -    Liesel Termin

    • Partnership Coordinator- Denise Patton

    • Point of Contact - Micaela Alcantara