• Sexual Health Instruction


      Instruction covering human sexual health is offered to students in Grade 4 Science, Grade 5 Science, Grade 6 Science, Grade 8 Health, High School Biology, and High School Health courses. The curriculum unit is opt-in only, requiring parental/guardian consent prior to a student receiving instruction on the topic. A student who is not opted-in to receive instruction over grade appropriate sexual health instruction, will receive an alternative lesson that does cover any human sexual health topics.

      The instructional resources used are grade-level appropriate and aligned to the Health TEKS for the specific grade level. 

      Students in Grade 4 Science and Grade 5 Science receive instruction focusing on changes that occur during puberty and adolescent development. The lesson(s) also addresses decision-making, goal-setting, and maintaining healthy relationships with self and others.  The unit for secondary students addresses components of healthy relationships, setting personal boundaries, adolescent development, prevention methods for sexual abuse and harassment, and the process of fertilization.

      Instruction for secondary students emphasizes that there are risks associated with sexual activity and that abstinence from sexual activity is the only 100% effective method to avoid risks.