• Selection of Library Materials

    The selection of library materials in Dallas ISD is guided by the board policy, EF (Local), which outlines a comprehensive approach to meeting the objectives for instructional materials, including library books. 

    The selection of library materials is a deliberate and thoughtful process. Our professional librarians and educators are responsible for curating a diverse and balanced collection that supports the educational goals and curriculum of our schools. All books and materials selected should be "integral to the instructional program, are appropriate for the reading levels and understanding of students, reflect the interests and needs of the students and faculty, are included because of their literary or artistic value and merit, and present information with the greatest degree of accuracy and clarity" (EF Local). See below to answers to frequently asked questions. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are books selected for the school library's collection?

  • What criteria do librarians use to choose books for the library?

  • Are books in the library age-appropriate for my child's grade level?

  • How diverse is the book collection in terms of authors, characters, and perspectives?

  • Do you have a policy for challenging or removing books in the school libraries?

  • How can parents stay informed about what their children are reading in the library?

  • How can parents provide feedback or express concerns about the library's book selection?

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