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      Attendance Laws:

      The Texas State Compulsory Attendance Law requires students aged 6 through 19 to attend school.  Section 25.085 requires students to go to school each school day for the entire school day unless exempted by law.  This requirement includes students who have voluntarily enrolled in prekindergarten or kindergarten and students who are nineteen years old or older.

      • Students who violate this law may get a referral(s) for court proceedings against the parent, guardian, or student to enforce the law.
      • Violation of the law occurs when students have unexcused absences for 10 or more days or parts of days within a six-month period.


      Partial Day Absences:

      Students are required to attend school from the time the school day begins until the time the school day ends. A partial-day absence occurs when a student is not present for part of the school day.

      • A student who arrives late or leaves early will have a partial absence.
      • The school will decide whether the partial absence is excused or unexcused using the same standards for determining the status of full-day absences.

      Accessing Truancy Letters:

      The school district has provided families access to monitor your student’s school attendance by accessing the Truancy warning letter from the Parent Resource. Please click the link below to view student's attendance record and contact your campus for additional attendance information. https://rb.gy/pomjd


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