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    Are You a Teacher Looking to Become a Certified School Librarian? 

    Dallas ISD is excited to introduce a new pathway (Literacy Specialist) for teachers aspiring to become librarians, now open to candidates who have a passion for literacy and learning. Here are the key components of this initiative:

    Eligibility: Candidates must possess a minimum of two years of teaching experience.

    Pathways to Certification:

    For Non-Masters Degree Holders: Within one year of hire, candidates must enroll in a deficiency plan in the area of school library programs at an accredited university.

    For Masters Degree Holders: Candidates need to be accepted into a certification-only program at an accredited university.

    Completion Timeline: Regardless of the pathway, candidates are given three years from the date of hire to fulfill the requirements of their respective program.

    Interim Position and Responsibilities: During their training and until certification is achieved, participants will be designated as Literacy & Media Specialist and will be actively employed managing the library. This hands-on experience is designed to ensure that Literacy & Media Specialist develop the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively run a library, even before obtaining their final certification.

    Final Certification and Title: Upon meeting all requirements, including a passing score on the TExES (test #150) School Librarian exam as mandated by the Texas Education Agency, candidates will become certified librarians and receive the title of Media Specialist in Dallas ISD.

    See the School Librarian Certification FAQs below.

    Teachers wanting to become a Librarian apply for the Literacy Media Specialist pool position.

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