• The Key Duties of the Company Commanders are to:

    • Command the company at all formations.
    • Ensure that all members of the company know and use the chain of command.
    • Consult the training schedule, study drill references, and ensure that subordinates are prepared to instruct.
    • Check with the instructor staff daily prior to formation to obtain any changes or other information they may want to be announced.
    • Seek advice from the battalion commander or the instructor staff when encountering a problem to which you do not know the answer.
    • Execute the orders of the battalion commander.
    • Conduct short inspections at every formation, making on-the-spot corrections as necessary; follow-up to ensure that deficiencies from earlier inspections are corrected.
    • Make each cadet an effective member of the team; take an interest in them and their problems; offer advice and help them to solve their problems.
    • Make on-the-spot corrections at any time to ensure that all members of the company understand and comply with cadet regulations.


    Alpha Company Commander

    We don’t stop, we don’t rest, we work hard cause we’re the best. We’re walking tall, we’re going strong. The other companies won’t last long, We can’t give up we won’t give in. Cause alpha company going to win. Hooah!!! 

    Bravo Company Commander

    Commander: Bravo Company Attention!

    Company: BRAVO   

    Commander: Sound Off   

    Company: Bravo,

    We came to stomp the house. Bravo, coming through and we showing out. (Stomp) BRAVO 
    Don't even Mess with us, cause Bravo Company gone mess you up. (Stomp) BRAVO 
    Commander: Aye, I think they can't hear us!   Company: What?!  Bravo Company gone (Stomp) y'all up.

    Charlie Company Commander

    Who are we? Company: Charlie! Alpha thinks they have the crown, but we’re the ones who run this town. Bravo thinks that they’re the best, but we are better than the rest. Delta, Echo, got no game, just sit down and watch us play. Foxtrot, why are you even here? Charlie Company is who you fear. HOOAH!!!

    Delta Company Commander

    Ready to rock?   Ready to roll?  Delta is the one to know. So, step aside, here we come. Delta company inflicts the pain Alpha, Bravo, first to come, first to go Charlie, who is that? We don't know them, where they at? Looking lost like Finding Dory Delta's here for all the glory Delta company can’t be beat We're number 1 you can't compete. Girls: Delta! Boys: You know!  All: HOOAH!!!!!

    Echo Company Commander

    ECHO COMPANY CHANT CC: Who you rooting for?   Company: Echo! CC: Who you rooting for?  Company: Echo! Everyone: We are the ones who bring the pain. Foxtrot Company has no game. Alpha, Bravo look so weak. We are the fire; we bring the heat. Charlie, Delta beat your face mess with us we will leave no trace. Echo! Hooah!

    Foxtrot Company Commander

    Company Commander: Foxtrot attention     Company: Foxtrot company inflicts the pain Move out our way or we'll attack Foxtrot company is the best That's just a fact Alpha, bravo have no game Charlie, Delta step aside Echoes just a waste of time Foxtrot HOOAAH