• cheer

    Ms. Reynolds leads a group of enthusiastic and spirited students who come together to support their school's sports teams, boost school spirit, and entertain the crowd at various school events. 

    The primary role of the middle school cheer team is to lead cheers and chants during sporting events, particularly football and basketball games. They motivate the audience and keep the crowd engaged, whether it's through cheers, stunts, or dance routines.

    Spirit and Support: These cheerleaders are known for their infectious enthusiasm and unwavering support for their school's teams. They aim to boost morale, encourage their fellow students, and create a positive atmosphere at games and pep rallies.

    Skill Development: May vary in terms of skill levels, with some members having prior experience and others being beginners. The coach works with the cheerleaders to develop their skills in dancing, stunts, and gymnastics, while also teaching teamwork and discipline.