Bryan Adams (full name William Jennings Bryan Adams) was born in Iuka, Mississippi, in 1896. Because his father and William Jennings Bryan were close friends, the two men agreed to name their sons for each other. As a result of this friendship, Bryan Adams was given the full name William Jennings Bryan Adams. He later dropped all of the name except Bryan, saying that it was too long to write. In Mr. Adams' family there were five children, three girls and two boys, all of whom are still living except Bryan.

    As a boy, Mr. Adams attended high school and received his diploma. After completing his high school work, he took a business course in a business college in New Orleans) Louisiana.

    In 1916, he went to work for the Texas and Pacific Railroad, as secretary to the Superintendent In this capacity, he did a variety of work. During this time, he met his future wife, Miss Lura Patterson on a blind date, and the two were married in 1918. His connection with the Texas and Pacific Railroad lasted until 1924.

    From his position with the railroad, Mr. Adams stepped into a place of responsibility with the Gifford Sand and Gravel Company in Dallas. This work necessitated his going to Louisiana to supervise the operation of gravel pits, and gave him the experience that he needed to operate his own business. Shortly afterwards, he and Mr. Allen White bought a gravel pit near Hearne, Texas, which they operated jointly. This venture proved to be very success ful until a sudden rise in the Brazos River wiped out all the holdings of the company.

    In April 1929, Mr. Adams became associated with the Dallas Independent School District as Purchasing Agent, a position for which his business career and training had fitted him. From the position of Purchasing Agent, he stepped into the place of Business Manager of the Schools and Secretary of the Board of Education. Here he remained for twenty-six years.

    In 1932, Mr. Adams was elected President of the Dallas Purchasing Agents Association, and in 1943, President of the Texas Association of Purchasing Agents. The organization known as the Texas Association of School Business Managers was created in 1948, and Mr. Adams was named the first President of that group.

    His death on May 26, 1955, was a shock to all of his associates.

    His wife Mrs. Lura Patterson Adams and his daughter Mrs. H. E. Heacock survive him. His one grand-daughter entered U.C.L.A. in September 1959, where she prepared herself to be a primary teacher.

    Mr. Adams' service to the schools of Dallas has been of inestimable value. During his lifetime, he carried the respect and admiration of every person in the administration and in the teaching personnel. He was quiet, reserved, dependable, and efficient. Everyone who knew him and who worked with him held him in high esteem.

    In September 1957, following the plan of the Board of Education of the Dallas Independent School District of naming new schools for outstanding citizens of Dallas, a new high school was designated Bryan Adams High School in honor of Mr. Adams. With such an honorable name, the school has a fine heritage on which to build its future.



    On the first Tuesday in September, 1957, the doors of Bryan Adams High School were opened to its first 800 students on the former sight of an East Dallas cotton field. Since there was no senior class the first year, the first graduating class was honored in 1959.

    Our school has enjoyed the guidance of nine different principals:

    Mr. D. M. Thompson 1957-1960, Dr. R. B. Harris 1960-1970, Mr. D. D. Richardson 1970-1986, Dr. Joel Pittman 1986-1991, Mr. Larry Smith 1991-1997, Mrs. Karen Ramos 1997-2006, Mrs. Cynthia Goodsell 2006 - 2009, Ms. Susan Walker 2009 - 2011, Mr. Stanley Vanhoozer 2011 - 2013 and Mr. Richard Kastl 2013 - Present. See the Principals Click here.

    We can take pride in knowing that since its inception, Bryan Adams has been recognized on a national scope for its excellence in the areas of Academics, Athletics, Music, R.O.T.C., and The Arts.

    The founding fathers of the White Rock Community (formerly an independent city on the Northeast corner of Dallas) gave Spanish names to its principal shopping centers, as well as many of its streets.

    As an integral part of a community with such flavor, it was only fitting that we too pay tribute to our strong Spanish heritage by naming our yearbook "el CONQUISTADOR", in honor of a heroic breed of supermen unique in the annals of world history. Legend has it that these men were so strongly convinced of their invincibility, that they in fact became invincible. Our school newspaper was originally known as "el Cuguar" which was later changed to the anglicized "Cougar Chronicle" and thus provided the idea of our beloved mascot, the "Cougar", emblematic of the king of animals in the Western Hemisphere.

    With early records difficult to obtain, it is estimated that approximately 30,000 students have graduated since 1959., making Bryan Adams one of America’s largest high schools, with the 1968 class being the first in Dallas history to graduate over 1,000 students.