• The IB Program aims to develop the whole child, which means we focus on character, skill building, and academics. 


    IB MYP requires eight academic subjects in Grades 6-8. 

    1) Language and Literature (English)
    2) Language Acquisition (additional World Language)
    3) Mathematics
    4) Sciences
    5) Individuals and societies (Social Studies)
    6) Arts
    7) Design (Community Project/ AVID)
    8) Physical and Health Education.



    The IB Learner Profile Attributes include the specific character traits Sanger instills in our students. 

    • Inquirer
    • Open- Minded
    • Knowledgeable
    • Caring
    • Thinkers
    • Risk-Takers
    • Communicators
    • Balanced
    • Principled
    • Reflective



    Approaches to Learning (ATL) Skills consist of an extensive list of specific skills teachers will explicitly teach to students to help students "learn how to learn". These skills are sorted into five broad categories.

    • Self-Management
    • Research
    • Communication
    • Social
    • Thinking