• The Marvin E Robinson School of Business and Management is a dynamic and forward-thinking educational institution dedicated to preparing high school students for successful careers in the world of business. With a focus on practical skills, innovative thinking, and real-world experiences, our school provides a comprehensive and engaging learning environment.

    Career Pathways:

    1. Entrepreneurship:

      • Explore the exciting world of entrepreneurship, learning how to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses.
      • Develop a strong foundation in business planning, marketing, and financial management.
      • Engage in hands-on projects that encourage creative problem-solving and critical thinking.
    2. Sports Management:

      • Dive into the fast-paced field of sports management, where students learn the ins and outs of managing sports teams, events, and facilities.
      • Gain practical knowledge in sports marketing, event planning, and athlete management.
      • Collaborate on sports-related projects to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.
    3. IT - Web Development:

      • Master the fundamentals of web development, including coding languages, website design, and user experience.
      • Work on interactive projects to build practical skills in creating and maintaining websites.
      • Stay updated on the latest trends in technology and web development.
    4. Accounting and Finance:

      • Acquire a solid understanding of accounting principles, financial management, and budgeting.
      • Develop skills in financial analysis and reporting, preparing students for roles in accounting and finance.
      • Engage in simulated financial scenarios to enhance decision-making abilities.
    5. Real Estate:

      • Explore the dynamic world of real estate, covering topics such as property management, real estate law, and investment strategies.
      • Participate in real-world case studies and projects to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.
      • Gain insights into the various career paths within the real estate industry.
    6. Social Media Marketing:

      • Delve into the ever-evolving field of social media marketing, learning to create compelling content and manage online presence.
      • Develop skills in social media strategy, analytics, and community engagement.
      • Collaborate on marketing campaigns, gaining hands-on experience in the digital marketing landscape.

    The Marvin E Robinson School of Business and Management is committed to providing high school students with a well-rounded education that not only equips them with academic knowledge but also prepares them for the challenges and opportunities in the dynamic world of business.