• Graduates Attire:

    Business Casual

    • A graduation gown must be worn over a dress/slacks and dress shirt; dresses and skirts should not be longer than the gown.
    • Dark-colored shoes (preference)/Sneakers
    • No corsages, boutonnieres, cell phones, gum or candy

    Stoles/Collar (only approved stoles will be worn at the graduation ceremony)

    Approved Stoles:

    • National Honor society Collar
    • Campus stoles(must be worn on top of other stoles)
    • Early College, IB, and P-tech 

    Graduates' Behaviors:

    • Graduates should display appropriate behavior.
    • Any graduate under the influence or in possession of alcohol, drugs, and/or e-cigarettes (vape pens) will be escorted from the facility by Dallasisd officer and will not be able to participate in the ceremony.
    • Graduates are not allowed to have cellphones on the floor during graduation.

    Audience Behavior:

    • Dallas ISD graduation staff and /or police and security may refuse admission to(or may expel) graduates and patrons for disruptive or disorderly conduct.
    • Please make sure all cell phones are turned off or silenced during the ceremony.