• Equine Science


    Course Description:  

    In Equine Science, students will be exposed to equine science principles, which include the history of the horse, anatomy, nutrition, diseases, pests, and overall health. The scientific processes of observation, measurement, hypothesizing, data gathering, interpretation, analysis, and application are also stressed. Career opportunities and educational preparation are examined. Learning activities are varied, with classroom exploratory learning, laboratory, and field experiences emphasized. 

    Course Topics:

    • History of the Horse  
    • External Anatomy of the Horse & Conformation  
    • Horse Breeds Equine Equipment Horse Behavior + Handling
    • Horse Facilities  
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Equine Diseases
    • Horse Hoof Care  
    • Horse Body Condition Scoring
    • Equine Reproduction + Foaling
    • Equine Careers
    • Horse Racing Industry
    • Horses Used in War
    • Mustang Management  
    • Horse Markings + Colors  

    Industry Certification/Credentials Earned: 

    Equine Management and Evaluation Certification

    Presented by NHJTCA (National Horse Judging Team Coaches' Association