• Small Animal Management

    Course Description:  

    Small Animal Management is a course designed to enhance the understanding of small animal care.  Students will develop a deeper understanding of career opportunities, industry expectations, knowledge and skills related to the care and maintenance of small animals.  In addition, students will learn about the various species and breeds of small animals, and their individual body systems.  During the course of the semester, students will examine small mammals, dogs, cats, birds, amphibians, and reptiles.

    Course Topics:

    • Small Animals in Society
    • Small Animal Domestication and Ownership
    • Animal Rights and Animal Welfare
    • Supervised Agricultural Experience
    • Small Animal Industry Hazards
    • Identification of Small Mammals
    • Small Animal Science Careers 
    • Animal Behaviors/Ethologists
    • Small Animals Uses and Care
    • Small Animal Nutrition
    • Small Animal Diseases and Parasites
    • Canine Unit  
    • Feline Unit
    • Rabbit Care and Showmanship Unit
    • Reptiles & Amphibians Avian Unit