• Contracts and Benefits

     The Dallas Independent School District will provide the intern with the following:

    1. A written contractual agreement specifying the professional psychology intern as a full-time employee for a term of one year and terms of compensation and proration of salary in 12 equal monthly payments.
    2. A salary range starting at $29,533, depending on prior salaried experience in education or mental health services to children.
    3. Employee benefits consistent with those of other school psychologists including:
        1. sick leave of 8 days
        2. school holidays and non-contract days based on a 226-day contract consistent with DISD Board approved calendar.
        3. optional group medical, dental, and vision plans (partially paid by the district), optional group life insurance, optional disability income and salary continuation, and employee assistance program
        4. mileage reimbursement for job-related travel
        5. worker's compensation
        6. deductions for teacher retirement
        7. other benefits such as pre-tax withdrawal of health insurance premiums, annuities, etc.
    4. An appropriate work environment including adequate equipment, materials, and office facilities