• Pre-AP Physics
    Dr. Lauren Graham-Horton
    Simple Motors
    Driving Question
    How can we as a science class take the necessary steps to show that our class has the knowledge and skills to create a simple motor? How can we as scientists ask questions that will lead us into the creation of a model for a simple motor?

    Batteries, Wires, and tape...MOTOR!

    Current Benchmark: 

    Students will understand how batteries work and be able to define electricity.


    Design, construct, and calculate in terms of current through, potential difference across, resistance of, and power used by electric circuit elements connected in both series and parallel combinations. 5F Readiness Standard (RS)

    Demonstration of Learning:

    Given four questions on simple motors, students will demonstrate mastery by answering with 75% accuracy.


    Estimated Time: Description of Activity:
    20 min prep for presentations
    35 min

    present how to videos on simple motors

    20 min Eisten's Formula
    Post Reflection

    Write at least 8-12 sentences describing your experience during this project.  What did you learn about simple motors?  How do simple motors work?  If you had the opportunity to do this project again, what you do differently to ensure your success?  Finally, what did you like about the other simple motors that your classmates made?