Supporting Departments

  • Advanced Academic Services
    The Advanced Academic Services department supports advanced learning for all students and meets the unique needs of the gifted and talented learners.
  • Food and Child Nutrition Services
    The Food and Child Nutrition Services (FCNS) provides meal service to students on a daily basis. 
  • Library Media Services
    The Library Media Services department collaborates with all district departments, neighboring districts, and institutions of higher learning for the purpose of empowering library leaders, providing quality curriculum products, and promoting programs that encourage recreational reading for students and parents.
  • Magnets and Special Programs
  • Multi-Language Enrichment Program
    The Multi-Language Enrichment Program provides support and guidance for children starting school with a language other than English.
  • Family and Community Engagement
    The goal of the Parent Services Department is to increase parental and community awareness, equitable access, knowledge, involvement, and accountability.
  • Police and Security Services
    The Dallas ISD Police and Security Services department is dedicated to ensuring an environment where students feel safe to learn, employees feel safe to work, and the community is confident in the safety of the district.
  • Special Education
    Special Education provides support and services to students with disabilities.
  • Student Services
    Student Services exists to help students acquire those skills, attitudes, values, and experiences that will motivate them to resist destructive behaviors, make responsible decisions, seek positive opportunities for growth and learning, and envision a future that includes higher education and a fulfilling career.