• Dallas ISD implements clear backpack policy

    In our ongoing effort to ensure safer schools, Dallas ISD will require clear backpacks for all students in grades Pre-K-12.

    As an additional option, mesh backpacks will be acceptable, however, clear ones are preferred. Students may carry a small, nonclear pouch in their backpack to hold personal items, such as cell phones, money, and hygiene products. Each student will be provided one durable clear backpack for the year to support families at no cost. Parents may also purchase their students’ clear or mesh backpacks that meet the District’s policy.

    A clear backpack policy alone does not ensure complete security. This proactive measure is just one of several updates to enhance student and campus safety. As a reminder, Dallas ISD’s Comprehensive Safety Plan is available at dallasisd.org/safety. We encourage everyone to visit the district’s website and social media channels for the latest updates.

  • Will the District be providing clear backpacks?

  • Can students use mesh backpacks?

  • Can students decorate or place stickers on their backpacks?

  • Does the clear backpack policy apply to all students?

  • Will students in extracurricular activities be allowed to use other types of bags or cases for their extracurricular items?

  • Will students be able to store personal items in a non-transparent pouch or small bag?

  • Do students have to have clear lunch bags or lunch boxes?

  • What happens if the clear backpack provided by the District is damaged or misplaced and can no longer be used?

  • Where can replacement backpacks be purchased?

  • Can the clear backpack have mesh pockets?

  • Can the front pocket of the clear backpack have a mesh organizer?

  • Will backpacks with padded backs be accepted?

  • Are transparent colored backpacks allowed?

  • Can the backpack have colored straps?

  • How are the backpacks going to be distributed? At the schools or at a central location?

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