Capital Assets Management

  • Dallas Independent School District
    9400 North Central Expressway
    Dallas, Texas 75231

    Phone: (972) 925-3850
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    Mission Statement

    The purpose of Capital Assets Management is to provide a proper reporting and accountability of all the Dallas Independence School District's capital assets. It is the responsibility of all district personnel and students to be good stewards of the capital assets entrusted to us by the community.

    We strive to maintain a comprehensive capital assets management system that includs asset acquisitions (additions), identification, transfers, vandalism reporting, retirements, physical inventory, and reporting.





    Edward Sorola

    Executive Director, Financial Services


    Sarbani Majumdar

    Director of Accounting Services


    Nhan Tran

    Assistant Director - Accounting Services


    Patrick Opoku

    Manager - Capital Assets

    David Kessebeh

    Capital Assets - Accountant I

    Phiebie Hutchins

    Capital Assets - Specialist III

    Josephine Flores

    Capital Assets - Specialist III