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    The school nurse's responsibilities include State Mandated screenings of students, immunization compliance, on-site first aid and care, health appraisals, and the general wellness of your students here at Gooch. Her goal is to optimize the amount of time the students are in the classroom learning, and to minimize time spent at doctors appointments or home sick, as well as to diminish physical barriers such as those pertaining to disabilities through alterations made in the school environment for your children.
    She is also a great resource for families with no insurance or Medicaid who need care, as she can find you local clinics sponsored by DISD or in the area to get low-cost treatments and health services.
    This includes vision clinics, Immunizations, and basic health care.
    Please don't hesitate to call when you are concerned for your child's health or have received a referral from the clinic and do not know where to take them.
    Thank you!
    Tom C. Gooch Elementary