• General Information

    Ben Milam Elementary School has served Dallas children for 100 years. Originally called the Fairland School and built in 1912 with an eye toward the city's northward growth, the school is now just beyond the edge of Downtown Dallas.
    It is the mission of Ben Milam Elementary to prepare students with the knowledge, skills, discipline, and confidence required for success in middle school. Our three schoolwide goals for this year are to prepare every student to improve upon or sustain their previous successful level of achievement, to provide special opportunities for our students' families to participate in their children's learning, and to design community service experiences for all our faculty, staff and students.
    Ben Milam students, faculty, and staff have benefited enormously in recent years from the generous contributions of our community volunteers and partners. The children enjoy new playground equipment purchased with funds raised by our PTA and donated by individual donors and our community partners, including Church of the Incarnation.