• The Dr. Billy E. Dade Middle School

    Student School Dress Code

    2017/2018 DRESS CODE


    Scholars are expected to wear:

    White Tops with a collar (t-shirts are not allowed)

    Black or Khaki Pants (shorts and capris are not allowed)

    Girls may also wear skirts that come to the knee (black or khaki)

    All black shoes


    Se espera que los estudiosos de llevar

    Tops blanco (camisetas no estan permitidos)

    Los pantalones de color negro o caqui (shorts y capris no estan permitidos)

    Las ninas tambien pueden usar faldas (negro o caqui)

    Zapatos todo de color negro

    1. Shirts or clothing referring to sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, or containing degrading/harassing statements
    2. Sleeveless shirts
    3. Exposed undergarments, midriff skin, or cleavage
    4. Skirts/Jumpers/Dresses that drag the floor, have splits above the knee, or more than one inch above the knee when seated or shorter than the middle of the knew when standing. Skirts worn with leggings must be appropriate length
    5. Hats/Outdoor Jackets/Coats (to be worn to and from school only)/Sunglasses
    6. Shorts/Skorts
    7. Capri Pants shorter than mid-calf
    8. Sweat pants/Pajama pants/Athletic pants (Elastic Waistband)
    9. Spandex clothing/Yoga pants 
    10. Military boots - only to be worn by LCC students
    11. Camouflage Attire - only to be worn by LCC students
    12. Chain or cloth key straps attached to clothing (ex: pants, etc.)
    13. Piercing of the body, other than the ears for girls
    14. See-through/Mesh clothing
    15. Clothing with holes or rips
    16. Distracting extremes in clothing, shoes, jewelry, make-up, hairstyles or color (including spiked metal studded bracelets and necklaces or safety pins in clothing)
    17. Pants worn below appropriate waist line
    The emphasis of the dress code is appropriate fitting clothing at all times (sitting, standing, walking) and the reflection of a respectful and well groomed student.
    Consequences for Dress Code Violations:
    1st Offense = Student must change to appropriate clothing; student will receive a written warning; Dress Code guidelines will be sent home with student for parent to sign.
    2nd Offense = Student must change to appropriate clothing; student will receive a written warning and a phone call will be made to the student's parent.
    3rd Offense = Student must change to appropriate clothing. Detentions will be assigned for 3rd, 4th and 5th offenses. Future occurrences will result in a Saturday school; possible suspension.