• Parents, it is important to read carefully the 2023-2024 Student Code of Conduct along with your child to ensure that the rules and regulations of the school and the district are clear to both parties. 



    We at Robert T. Hill MS want to ensure that students and parents are well informed in regards to the expectations that we as a school value so highly.  This measure is taken in order to provide the best quality of instruction for our students.There are no exceptions to the Student Code of Conduct.

    Please click on the link below to read the Student Code of Conduct.






    Tardy Policy

    •1st Tardy: Warning
    •2nd Tardy: Warning
    •3rd Tardy:Warning
    •4th: Lunch Detention
    •5th Tardy: After-school Detention
    •6th Tardy: In School Suspension (ISS)
    •7th Tardy:  Parent Escort (half day)

    Dress Code Violations

    Any student outside of the dress code will receive lunch detention for each day that they are outside of the dress code. Lunch detentions will be served the day after the violation was documented.

    1st Period Student Checklist

    * Students wear their ID Badge on a lanyard
    • Not defaced
    • Student's picture must be visible
    *Uniform Shirt
    • Correct color
    • Tucked in
    *Uniform Bottoms
    • Khaki or black color
    *Wearing Belt
    • If bottoms have belt loops
    • No metal spikes, no large buckles, and no chains on the belt.
    • Cardigan, zip-up, or button-up (NO Hoodies)


    *If students are not in compliance, teachers will submit their names for Lunch Detention for the following day.