• General Information

     Charles Alexander Gill

    Charles Alexander Gill was born on a plantation near Nashville,Tennessee,
    September 15, 1837. From there, his father, T. O. Gill, moves his family to
    Huntsville, Alabama, where C.A. Gill spent his youth and early manhood.
    As a young married man during the Civil War he was in charge of the
    procurement and transportation of food supplies for the Confederate Army. At the
    close of that period he moved his family to Dallas, Texas, in 1874, buying an acre of
    ground for a home on Harwood Street. This section of town was then known as "The
    Cedars". Part of the property is still owned by the family.
    At the time, there was no public school system and most children attended
    private schools. Charles A. Gill was a successful business man and county
    commissioner of Precinct 7 in Dallas during the late 1800's early 1900's. He was
    an architect by profession, but his interest in educating the young people of Dallas
    led him in a new direction. In 1885, one year after the Dallas schools were
    organized, Mr. Gill became a member of what is now the Board of Education. The
    next year in 1886, he became the President of the Board and held this position until 1890. 
     He did not serve on the Board of Education in 1891, but in 1892, he
    became the Vice-President of the Board of Education. Mr.Gill was one of the early
    leaders in public education in Dallas and his legacy is still having a positive influence
    on the boys and girls of our city. He later served two terms on the Dallas City
    Council. After his retirement from his own business as an architect, he continued to
    serve as School Architect for Dallas.
    While Chairman of the City Water Commission, a water well was drilled on
    Oak Lawn Avenue, opposite of the Stadium, which was named after him. Another Gill
    Well still produces on Lakeside Drive in Highland Park, similar in its medicinal
    qualities to the famous Carlsbad wells in Europe and the Crazy well in Mineral
    Wells, Texas.
    Mr. Gill was a life-long Methodist, a prominent mason, and a member of the
    Odd Fellows Lodge in Dallas. He died June 10, 1916.


    Gill Elementary School Student Creed

    We pledge:
    To be at school every day and to be on time,
    To come with open hearts and open minds,
    To not judge others by color or culture,
    To make our voices heard,
    and respect that of others,
    To help ourselves and say "I can,"
    To know more by the the end of the day
    than we did when the day began,
    To be ready to work and read to learn,
    and to become successful citizens
    when it's our turn.