• Ready, hit, serve, and return. The Samuell Tennis team are ready to forehand and backhand the ball all over their opponents court. The tennis team plays at a level of excellence and most of all they have fun doing it. Come and se the Samuell Tennis team in action.


    Coach Debra Olivares, No schedule for now, She is recruiting every day boys/girls.Also looking for a manager for tennis.

  • GUYS 
    1. Fernando Adame 
    2. Julian Sanchez
    3.  Sammy Salazar 
    4. Carlos Pleitez
    5. Angelo Gnanamuhu 
    6. Jordan Coleman
    7, Caros Marguia
    8. Joshua Robertson
    9. Alan Gonzalez
    1. Aisline Castro 
    2. Jasmine Castro
    3. Amalia Coronado
    4. Amy Sanchez
    5. Jennifer Castro
    6. Noelle Ngure