• Personalized Learning at Dallas ISD

Personalized Learning in Dallas ISD

  • As Dallas ISD seeks to continually raise expectations, innovate, and amplify student achievement, personalized learning will be a vehicle through which high-quality instruction will be delivered. In the context of Destination 2020’s focus on the classroom, personalized learning is an instructional priority that will help ensure all students experience a one-size-fits-one education experience.

    In a personalized learning environment, we will empower students to pursue personalized, rigorous, and relevant paths guided by educators equipped to facilitate individual and collaborative learning experiences. Those learning experiences will build from student assets and leverage technology so that we prepare every student to pursue college or the global workforce and to thrive as an economic contributor, engaged citizen, and lifelong learner.

Personalized Learning in Action

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  • Learner Profile Portal 
    Personalized Learning campuses offer students access to their very own Learner Profile. This gives students access to current information about assignments, grades, test scores, six week report cards, learning style inventory and a place for them to set their own goals.

    To access click on the appropriate button below:
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